XPD 2010 Cairns, the finish line

XPD 2010 Cairns, the finish line


Arete is the ancient Greek word, basically meaning excellence of any kind. In particular, the excellence is bound up with the notion of fulfillment of purpose or function; the act of living up to one’s full potential.  Essentially it means ‘be the best you can be.’

At MDK Wealth Management this is a driving principle behind the business.  We aim to be the best we can be.

Arete is often associated with bravery and more frequently ‘effectiveness’.

The man or woman of ‘arete’ is a person of the highest effectiveness; they use all their faculties of strength, bravery, knowledge and wit to achieve real results.

At MDK we use our full abilities to get results for you, to get you where you want to be.

It was commonly believed that the mind, body and soul had to be developed and prepared to live a life of arete.  This lead to the thought that athletics had to be present in order to obtain arete.  They did not need to consume one’s life, merely exercise the body into the right condition for arete, just like the mind and soul would be exercised by other means… a sense of balance in life.

Arete is explicitly linked with human knowledge, where the expressions ‘virtue is knowledge’ and ‘Arete is knowledge’ are used interchangeably.  The highest human potential is knowledge and all other human abilities are derived from this central capacity.

At MDK we are constantly seeking and improving our own knowledge base, to put ourselves and yourselves at the leading edge of wealth management.

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